What is Melbourne Beats?

Melbourne Beats is a community focused non-profit electronic music web site.

Why start another site like this?

We identified some key problems with the site we used to hang out at. We politely suggested that they fix them but they didn't seem interested, so we thought we'd give it a go on our own.

We also felt there was a need for a music web site that was -not- driven/influenced by advertising dollars and did not engage in invasive advertising methods.

Who's responsible?

Everyone. Well, all our members at least. They all contribute to the site one one way or another.

If you're really looking for someone to blame you should point the finger at Lucas and Lynt. You'll find them lurking in the forums somewhere.

What genres do you cater for?

We're genre neutral. Everyone is welcome and we strongly discourage genre bashing. Having said that, most of our members like breaks and drum'n'bass.

Can I advertise on Melbourne Beats?

Sort of. If you have an event coming up you can list it in our WhatsOn section.

Watch this space regarding further advertising as we will be developing/announcing something shortly.

How can I help Melbourne Beats?

There are heaps of things you can do:

  • Register and become a member.
  • Encourage your friends to register.
  • Add your event to our WhatsOn section.
  • Add our logo to your flyers.
  • Donate some space at your next event for our banner.